In a recent interview with Car and Driver, Cadillac chief engineer Dave Leone confirmed they are working on two new diesel engines.

The two in question are a four- and a six-cylinder. Designed with the European market in mind, each will be tuned differently according to the vehicle it will be powering. Expect to find one in an Escalade and another in a sedan such as the CTS.

A Cadillac with a diesel offering would help it compete with the German Big 3, Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz, who all offer an efficient option. While North Americans don’t share the European love of diesel, the new engines may be offered here as well.

Continuing to focus on future fuel-efficient powertrains, Cadillac is also studying three-cylinder engines and the benefits of electric turbo/supercharging.

Electric turbo and superchargers eliminate low rpm lag and provide boost pressure before a contemporary turbo or supercharger has a chance to spool up. However, Leone did note packaging challenges and Cadillac would need to introduce a 48-volt electrical system.

In the short term, Cadillac will start offering automatic start/stop systems in its cars in 2016.

What do you think about Cadillac building diesel engines? Will it help it gain ground in Europe? Do you want it to offer them here?