US CapitalThere have been formal charges issued against California Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters by the House ethics committee. She is being accused of three counts of ethics wrongdoing. These charges also include allegations that she accepted special favors for a relative.

The announcement by the Committee on Standards of Official Conduct will pave the way for an official trial before the ethics committee. The eight members overseeing the trial will include four Democrats and four Republicans.

Waters claims she is innocent of all charges, and made a motion to dismiss the charges.  It was denied by the committee. She has served ten terms for the Los Angeles area and holds a position on the Financial Services Committee.

According to the statement issued by the committee, there is enough reason to believe that she had breached the code of conduct or some type of law, rule or regulation.

The question is whether Waters broke rules when she sought federal help for a bank. Her husband was a member of the bank’s board, and owned stock in the bank.