Can Evernote Be a Lifesaver?

Evernote claims to be an app that helps you remember everything.

With everything from shopping lists, passwords, Christmas lists and travel packing lists, we are constantly having to remember something.

The general (read: free) product solves a number of lifes challenges.

At its core, it is an online and desktop note organizer. Sure, Post-In Notes are great and fast helpers, but they can’t help you remember information long-term. They are meant to be short-term helpers.

Evernote is able to organize notes under a big folder called a Stack, and then subfolders called Notebooks. It is in these notes where users can type in or upload images of your actual notes that the real power of the system begins.

With Evernote, Post-It Notes are a thing of the past because notes will now already be organized by topics. Not only that, but everything is searchable. Evernote basically can become Google for your brain.

While users have private and secure accounts, there is also the ability to share notes with friends and family whenever needed. Google Docs can do the same, but those aren’t easily accessible across devices.

Also, each notebook has a unique e-mail address, so things like travel details are a forward away from being organized in Evernote. All of those features come with the free edition.

One last thing I need to mention is that Evernote also has an extension for those who really like to write, but don’t like the idea of taking photos of actual handwritten notes. It’s called Penultimate, and is an easy to use iPad app that combines the actual handwriting experiences with the flexibility of syncing to Evernote.

Evernote  is powerful and robust, but simple.

Consumer Expert Richard Dedor

After running for public office at the age of 18, Richard now spends his time focused on digital marketing and financial planning.