Following rumors that the PC version of Rockstars critically acclaimed ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ was cancelled, Rockstar representatives have stepped forward to deny the rumors and confirm GTA V’s PC release date as this coming fall.

Whether you were a fan of GTA V on the Play Station 3 or Xbox 360, chances are you’ve been eagerly awaiting a release date announcement for the remastered GTA V on PC, Play Station 4, and Xbox One.

After months without any significant news on the matter, many fans speculated as to the games cancellation or at the very least delay. Luckily Rockstar came to the rescue and denied all rumors of a cancellation or delay claiming they are “…also looking forward to the PC release” and “This release date has not changed.”

However, in the midst of all these rumors, one more has surfaced claiming the release date as November 14. the news comes an England retailer ‘Gem’ listing the games release as such.

With Rockstar promising the GTA V re-release to hold better visuals and a more populated city, its not wonder why fans are preparing to flock back into the chaos that is ‘Grand Theft Auto V.’ Are you prepared for another run of the game? Let us know in the comments below.