A former Naval Academy graduate and an officer who once taught at the Navy’s Top Gun flight school, Capt. Owen Honors has been relieved of duty following the exposure of inappropriate video material. The material was shown to a crew of 5,000 during 2007-2008 deployments, during the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, on one of the Navy’s oldest nuclear submarines, the USS Enterprise. Honors was an Executive Officer and Second-In-Command of the ship at the time the videos were made and shown to the crew.

By the time the videos were made public, he had risen to Commander of his vessel. The Virginia Pilot newspaper, based in Norfolk, obtained the videos and began to make them public on Saturday causing an uproar even though U. S. officials had known about them for four years. “The videos were clearly inappropriate,” said  Navy Spokesman, Commander Chris Sims.

Although Honors warns viewers in his introductions that the content might be offensive, he then continues to poke fun at those who might be offended by them. With such acts as placing chocolate candy in a toilet, he then eats it. Another showed a simulated act of masturbation while another he called, “Chicks in the Shower” showed what appeared to be two women in a shower, although it did not show their nudity. Gay slurs were often made by Honors during these events, reported the Virginia Pilot.

During the time the videos were being shown, then CNO- Admiral Mullen, to whom Honors reported, “failed to discharge his duty with regard to the Enterprise” speculated Elaine Donnelly, of the Center for Military Readiness.

Although it is clear he is relieved of duty, his future is not so apparent. His conduct is being investigated. Although he may not be asked to leave the Navy,”it is possible he will be reassigned without any possibility of promotion, effectively ending his career,” a senior U. S. Official told Fox News.