Car Runs Aground Onto Bush’s Dallas, Texas Lawn

No injuries have been reported after an automobile driver ran his car into the lawn of former President George W. Bush’s home outside of Dallas, Texas.  Secret Service has released a statement indicating that police and security agents that were on hand were sent diving to avoid the careening car.  It is still unclear how many guards were on hand during the incident nor if there was any special social event happening during the accident.

The presumably accidental crash occurred Wednesday, said the Secret Service press release.  Neither the former President nor his wife were injured and there have been no reported damages to the house or other property owned by the President, save the torn up lawn.

The driver of the runaway vehicle was questioned by authorities and released a short time after the accident.  The report indicates that the unnamed man was driving past the Bush’s house on his way to visit one of Bush’s neighbors when the crash occurred.  Local Dallas City police are investigating the incident further and have questioned others associated with the man.  The Bush’s house lies in a gated community on the northern side of Dallas.

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