By now I’m sure the tech savvy among you have heard of Google’s somewhat controversial new product: Google Cardboard.

Cardboard is Google’s attempt to break in to the VR scene, but with a nice twist; It’s hyper affordable.

You see, Cardboard is made of, you guessed it, cardboard.

The device (If you can call it that) is a piece of cardboard that is pre-cut and folded into a neat slab of cardboard for shipping, but upon tearing off the tab on the back, folds out in to an ikea-esque cluster of tabs and slots.

The “device” uses cardboard for the case, Special dual sided lenses and, cleverly enough, your android smartphone to make a full VR environment.

Current third party versions are selling for around $30 USD, So this could be a great way to introduce skeptics and low-income houses to VR technology.

Google provides details on how to make your own at home here.

You can download the companion app here.

So what do you think? Will cardboard be a bust, or will it be a smashing success?

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