Cards Against Humanity: What It Is & Where It’s Free!

Cards Against Humanity is’s No. 1 bestseller in its toys and games category.

What makes a box of 550 cards, 460 white and 90 black, so popular? Perhaps it’s the tagline: “a card game for horrible people.”

Of nearly 14,000 reviews on Amazon, almost 13,000 give the game five stars. Why? Maybe this five-star review from one happy customer will help put the game in perspective: “…this game is absolutely, horribly, disgustingly, beautifully, brilliantly, gloriously filthy.”

The company has said its target market is “anyone over 17 with a sense of humor,” and it’s especially popular on college campuses.

But not everyone appreciates it. Another Amazon reviewer said: “Cards Against Humanity is the type of game teenagers or young adults play and think they are ‘clever; because of how shocking and anti-establishment the cards/jokes are. … (It’s) not the ‘adult party game; it is billed as, unless your group of adults is just a bunch of overgrown children.”

The gameplay is simple.

Players draw 10 white cards. The Card Czar (“the person who most recently pooped”) plays a black card, which has a question or fill-in-the-blank phrase.

Players pass one of their white cards to the Card Czar, who shuffles them, read them aloud, and picks the funniest. The person who played that white card gets a point. An Awesome Point.

If this sounds familiar, you’ve probably played Apples to Apples.

The rules include eight possible house rules to keep the party going.

There are also five main expansions, The 90s Nostalgia Pack, The Bigger, Blacker Box, and two holiday packs with more cards.

The original game is $25 on Amazon.

It’s the same price at Cards Against Humanity’s website, where it’s also available to print for free.

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