Carly Rose Sonenclar Singing Her Way To A Win On X-Factor

Carly Rose Sonenclar Singing Her Way To A Win On X-Factor

Tonight’s episode of Fox’s X Factor displayed the Top 12 contestants covering the theme of Musical Divas.

There were a slew of great performances from Vino Alan’s soulful performance of Tina Turner’s “Let’s Stay Together” to Emblem3’s masterfully unique cover of Alicia Keys’ “No One.”

The performance of the night has to go to 13-year old Carly Rose Sonenclar performing Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On.”

Week after week this girl nails every song to complete and utter perfection.

Tonight secured my prediction that she is the one to beat in this competition.

Sonenclar’s voice is so mature for her age and so profoundly powerful that it becomes so incredibly hard to believe that’s genuinely her voice. She took a song that is probably one of the most difficult songs to cover, from one of the best vocalists of our time, and created one of the most memorable performances in X Factor history.

LA Reid praised Sonenclar for her brilliant performance declaring, “We could be looking at the winner.”

Demi Lavato reiterated how good she believed Sonenclar performed, admitting: “It does not make sense to me, I don’t believe that is your voice.”

Simon Cowell appeared equally as floored questioning if she is human as he could not believe it is possible that you could sing like that at 13.

He commended Sonenclar for her control on the song and specifically commented on the powerful note at the end, which he described as “absolutely incredible.”

Britney Spears emphasized how proud she was of her, “spectacular performance,” further stating: “I got chills all over my body.”

Who was your favorite performance of the night? Leave your comments below!

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