Carrie Remake Trailer Is Released

The first full length trailer for the remake of the 1976 classic horror movie Carrie has been released. It stars young actress Chole Grace Moretz as the awkward teen that discovers she can move things with her mind, and Julianne Moore as her deeply religious mother.

Fans of the original 1976 Carrie movie (which stared Sissy Spacek as the powerful telekinetic), will notice several familiar scenes in the trailer, as will fans of the Stephen King novel it was based from. Others may feel that the trailer spoils a bit too much, but if it goes the way of the book more so than the original movie, I can assure you that’s not the case.

As a fan of the book, I found the original Carrie deviated a bit too much and lost some of it’s charm. The trailer for the new version shows a lot of promise, while keeping the parts of the original that everyone remembers.

At it’s heart the story is what happens when you bully and humiliate someone, who then decides to fight back. Granted Carrie has the upper hand a bit. Either way, it’s still a sound cautionary tale about why you shouldn’t bully anyone.

Check out the trailer below and sound off on what you think. Carrie will be coming to theaters on October 18th, just in time for Halloween.


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