Charlie Sheen says he’s going to show up for work next week even though CBS has pulled the plug on “Two and a Half Men.” Sheen texted Good Morning America insisting he was completely sober, but continued to call executive producer Chuck Lorre names.

Whether Sheen shows up for work or not is irrelevant, as CBS already officially pulled the plug until at least April. CBS plans to continue re-runs for the time being. Some “conspiracy theorists” have suggested that the entire spectacle has been completely blown out of proportion to actually drum up even more support for the show.

Warner Brothers TV is contractually obligated to deliver another season to CBS, but a public meltdown by Sheen may have destroyed the possibility of a continued contract. Hollywood is known for tolerating substance-abuse from its biggest stars, but Sheen made a new outlash on The Alex Jones radio show.

During Sheen’s shocking appearance on the program Thursday, Sheen called Chuck Lorre a “clown” and referred to him repeatedly as “Haim Levine,” his given Jewish name.

The possibility of a new season is still possible if Sheen and Lorre can repair a damaged business relationship. For now, CBS is not commenting.