Major airlines are offering end-of-summer deals and cheap flights earlier than many travelers might think.  The airlines’ calendar ends the summer season as early as August 22 this year, according to experienced bargain-hunting travelers.

The news folks at ABC News report that waiting until August 23 or 24 before shopping for flights can save bundles of dollars. The discounted airfares include both domestic and international flights.

Another bonus reward for waiting past August 23 might be to avoid the current security procedures in place now. The TSA has announced some changes to these practices will soon be happening.  For more information, visit .

After August 23, many airlines mark the beginning of the fall travel season.  This is when airfares are reduced and sometimes the reductions are major.  The travel and airfare discount sites such as TravelZoo, Hotwire, and Expedia, to name a few, feature travel deals and cheap flights, especially if the dates for the travel period can be flexible.

The airlines are experts in their customers’ traveling habits and although not all airfares of the fall are bargains, summer is a peak season for the U.S. airlines when big profits are realized.  In late August, that profitability fizzles out; hence bargain basement deals are featured until holiday travel resumes.