Cheap Kindle Books On Amazon – Are They Worth A Read?

Cheap Kindle Books On Amazon – Are They Worth A Read?

Many readers are put off by ‘cheap’ Kindle books because they think that it’s a last ditch attempt by authors to get read.

This can be partly true.

But as the old adage goes, you can’t read a book by its cover, and you can’t judge a work by its price.

Many authors using the Kindle platform exclusively have ‘fire sales.’

In a fire sale, the book is discounted for a short time so it is read by more readers. The hope is that this will create a number of positive reviews on Amazon.

This tactic does work well for both the consumer and the author. The consumer gets a bargain for the story, and the author gets (hopefully) some good feedback and sales figures.

The low prices are making publishing equitable not only for the author but also for the reader, who has been pushed to paying ‘high’ prices for information (non-fiction) and entertainment (fiction).

The best judge of a Kindle work are the customer reviews. Read these before making a decision about a work based on price.

You both have the potential to win big if you price to the market.