Check Out Netflix’s Just For Kids iPad App | Android Avail Soon

Check Out Netflix’s Just For Kids iPad App | Android Avail Soon

Netflix announced yesterday that the “Just For Kids” app is now available for all iPad users.

According to Netflix, Just For Kids was created in order to easily access movies and TV-shows that are kid friendly.

Netflix members can select “Just for Kids” from the upper left part of the iPad app to enter the section, which is designed for kids under 12 years old.

Taking a look at the app itself, it is easy to navigate. Children can easily locate movies and shows by going through a list of characters. It marks genres with images that most children should understand, like princesses, superheroes, girl power and sing-alongs. Simple and clear descriptions of plots are presented close to all titles.

David Watson, Netflix product innovation director declared:

“We’re very excited to release the first mobile version of Netflix Just for Kids. Kids love watching shows and movies on tablets and they intuitively know how to use Netflix Just for Kids on iPad.”

Just For Kids is also available on Apple TV, some SmartTVs, streaming media players, Blu-Ray players, Nintendo Wii, MACs, PCs, Xbo 360 and Play Station 3.

According to Netflix, by the end of the year a version for Android based tablets should be available.

Here’s a video presentation of the Just For Kids iPad App:


Does your child use Netflix? What do you think of the Just For Kids section? Leave your comments below.

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