With the future of the automotive landscape in a state of constant evolution, Chevrolet has taken a bold step and made a new concept electric car.

Called the Bolt EV, Chevrolet hopes to prove to the general public that electric vehicles do not have to be priced like high end luxury cars. The Bolt EV is to have a starting price around $30,000.00 USD.

The concept has the ability to travel more than 300 km and can be operated in various modes. The modes will control such parameters as accelerator mapping, ride height, and suspension tuning, ensure the driver can comfortably cruise to work or enjoy a twisty back road.

The small Bolt is designed to offer comfortable seating for four. This has been accomplished by pushing the wheels to the vehicles extremities leaving virtually no front or rear wheel overhang.

Building on the reputation of the larger Volt, the Bolt EV aims at offering an attainable electric vehicle that can handle the distances in North America without worry.

Chevrolet Unveils Bolt EV and Next -Generation Volt