Chips Ahoy! Ice Cream CreationsEarlier this week Chips Ahoy! announced on Twitter that their newest line of cookies had arrived.

The “Ice Cream Creations” cookies hit supermarket chains this weekend.

The cookies can be purchased in four different flavors: Dulce de Leche (crispy), Mint Chocolate Chip (chewy), Root Beer Float (chewy), and Mocha Chunk (chewy).

As a self-proclaimed junk food junkie, I was intrigued and really wanted to try the new little guys. So I dashed out to the store, brought them home, ripped open the boxes, and proceeded to the business at hand.

Bit by bit I began trying to convince myself that the deliciousness would soon kick in, but to no avail.

I tried the Mint Chocolate Chip flavored cookies first. My impression was that they tasted like a minty piece of foam. However, the chewy texture was to my liking.

Next, I tried the Dulce de Leche flavored cookies. I disliked the crispiness and they tasted like regular dry vanilla cookies that you would find in a school cafeteria. I did not venture into the next two boxes. I left the Root Beer Float and Mocha Chunk flavored cookies for to my teen sons who made me promise to never buy them again.

In reference the new Chips Ahoy! cookies, one user on Twitter tweeted, “I should let Chips Ahoy! know how I feel about their cookies getting smaller.”

Another person tweeted, “You think I didn’t notice you guys took away a whole row of cookies without lowering your price on your bagged products, Chips Ahoy!” This statement was in reference to the amount of cookies in each box.

Furthermore, another user tweeted, “Ate a sleeve of Root Beer Float Chips Ahoy! and now I have heartburn.”

Nevertheless, I remained positive. I decided to contact Mondelez Global LLC, the global corporation that owns Nabisco and manufactures Chips Ahoy! I was going to ask them a few basic questions about their Ice Cream Creations in the hopes of being able to create somewhat of a positive review based on their customer service, at least.

The customer service representative that I chatted with added insult to injury.

I initially told him that I was looking for information for an article I was writing about Chips Ahoy! Ice Cream Creations. He continued by asking me to give him the UPC from my Oreo box. I told him that I did not have a box and reminded him again that I was writing an article about Chips Ahoy! Ice Cream Creations.

For some strange reason, “Joe” seemed to think that Chips Ahoy! cookies were the same thing as Oreo cookies. Joe replied (and I quote), “We make different kinds of Ice Cream Chips Ahoy Cookies. They are the newest flavor of Oreos we are making.

Is it possible that I know more about their products than their own customer service representatives?

Additionally, when I asked him twice for the phone number to their public relations department he responded that because of security he could not provide me with that information. Tisk, tisk, Chips Ahoy!

What do you think of Chips Ahoy! Ice Cream Creations?

And do you know more about them than Nabisco customer service?!

Leave your comments below!