Tonight in Chicago, Dr. Christ Koulis is dead.  He was convicted in 2007 of the murder of his girlfriend, Lesa Buchanan, who herself was a model.  In a statement released to the press, the Franklin Police Department has declared that Koulis died at Northwestern Hospital at 5:45 AM on Saturday.  He was 42 years old.  Unfortunately, at the current time his cause of death has not been confirmed but an autopsy is scheduled.

David Raybin, who has been Christ Koulis’s lawyer in the past, has stated that he believes that Christ died of a heart attack, but countering that we do not know for sure at this point.  The lawyer has then gone on to speculate that stress has played a role in Koulis’s demise, potentially opening up a future litigation against the Franklin prosecutor’s office.

Dr. Christ Koulis, who was accused of illegally supplying drugs to his at-the-time girlfriend Buchanan, was on trial when she died in 2005.  He was free on a plea shortly after the chargers were read, but was in a legal limbo due as he was awaiting a plea, without serving a two-year sentence ordered by the judge.  The drama surrounding this case is sure to continue well into the new year as new cases are brought forth.  While the cause of death is still officially unknown, one can quite easily speculate about the stress involved with a case such as this and the putative role this played in Koulis’s demise.