Denise Keller of San Diego is suing the company behind family restaurant and arcade chain Chuck E Cheese under the allegations that the games they provide for kids are gambling devices more reminiscent of slots than arcade games.

Though Keller has sought $5 million in damages and restitution from CEC Entertainment, Inc. her lawyer ensures that the money is not the main issue. The goal of the suit according to them is to remove the games from the arcade that resemble gambling machines.

The suit urges that the games in the arcade look like gambling devices and provide the same highs and lows that one experiences when gambling. Players insert tokens, get a few seconds of game play and win or lose tickets as a result. According to the suit the games are not based on skill, but instead on chance and they promote addictive behavior in the children. This leads to the fact that they are gambling devices and should be banned under the illegal gambling laws in California.

CEC has argued that the games are not illegal, but even if they were Keller cannot sue for damages. The company states that she admits to being a willing participant and that removes her right to seek monetary compensation. They have asked for a dismissal, but no decision has been made.