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The current price for the 25 courses is $89.96 and the Clear Edit software is only $71.96. Both purchases at once are $143.96 (20% off regular price).

The 25 course online training teaches the fundamentals of writing and was developed by writers and editors. The class time is approximately 12 hours but requires an internet connection in order to be able to use the software.

The 25 Modules include; self editing, stunning sentences, powerful paragraphs, and riveting reports. The course also includes planning tools and a searchable database. There is a multi-user management license.
According to clear writer, “ClearEdits writing editing software, the product of 10 years of development and decades of experience, does far more than just check grammar. It is a powerful writing tool offering thousands of suggestions for more effective business writing, professional writing, and academic writing.” The intention of the software is to help writers identify common mistakes in their writing, proper usage of words, grammar correction, and more. It’s compatible with Microsoft Windows and Outlook.

The demo for Clear Edits is intended to improve writing by 90%. The demo code for check out is DEMO21.