CNN’s “WEED” Stirs Pot Controversy: Here’s The Trailer + Air Time, Details

CNN’s “WEED” Stirs Pot Controversy: Here’s The Trailer + Air Time, Details

This Sunday CNN is sure to stir up controversy with a documentary from neurosurgeon Dr. Sanjay Gupta called “WEED”

The program is set to air on CNN August 11 at 8pm (ET). It will be taking a look at what some call the “true” facts surrounding the use of marijuana.

 What is Gupta’s stance ?

Four and a half years ago, Gupta published an article in Time magazine titled “Why I Would Vote no on Pot”.

In the article, Dr. Gupta expresses his shock at the rising rates of marijuana abuse within the U.S. and made a point to declare his personal opposition to its use, whether medical or otherwise.

However, it now appears that Dr. Gupta has had a radical change of heart. He is blaming his previous opposition on rampant anti-marijuana propaganda, and says he has since learned more and is ready to present his new viewpoint to the world.

What to expect

It is admittedly difficult to accurately predict what exactly will be covered, but my hunch, based on a recently aired CNN discussion, is that he stands squarely on the side of legalization.

Due to the high profile nature of this documentary Dr. Gupta is sure to ruffle some feathers and get the conversation started.


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Here’s CNN’s trailer for WEED:

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