Coca-Cola is fervently denying allegations that the secret recipe for the popular beverage has been cracked.

The company has kept the recipe under lock and key since the company began in 1886. Rumors state that the official recipe is sealed in an Atlanta bank vault.

On Tuesday the local Chicago radio program “This American Life” announced that they had figured out the recipe from a photo of a copy of the original formula that appeared in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

“The formula for Coca-Cola is one of the most jealously guarded trade secrets in the world. Locked in a vault in Atlanta. Supposedly unreplicable. But we think we may have found the original recipe. And to see if the formula actually might be Coke, we made a batch,” stated the show’s producers.

According to the show, the recipe is a two part formula, the first part bearing normal ingredients, and the second part, coded ‘7X,’ contains cinnamon oil, neroli oil, coriander oil, nutmeg oil, lemon oil, orange oil, and alcohol.

Coca-Cola remained firm in their denial that this was the actual recipe, saying that “Many third parties have tried over time to crack our secret formula. Try as they might, there’s only one real thing. And that was not it.”