Color Clash is a game — eight games, actually — for one to eight players ages 7 and up. It’s based on an original game idea by Fabien Tanguy, with illustrations from Stephane Escapa. The game, which is published by Blue Orange Games, retails for $14.99.

How it works:

The basis of all the games in the Color Clash box are round tiles. Each has a chameleon in the center, along with the name of a color, which is printed in a color. All those colors matter, as players must match them to the colors of other tiles, often in a contest of speed with opponents.

Two solitaire games are included, as well.

Color Clash feels like a combination of Spot It!, Slap Jack, and the Lumosity game Color Match.

Why you might buy Color Clash:

All of the games are easy to teach and learn. Whether or not players will be good at them is another story, but you can break open the box and have people playing in a couple of minutes.

You can also play Color Clash with any number of players from one to eight, making it great for parties or for the solitaire fan. I played with seven, and everyone had a good time.

Each game is short, so you can try out several and still have time for other activities.

This is a game that will get people laughing and talking. It’s easy to make mistakes, and that is part of the fun.

And don’t be fooled by those cute chameleons. While kids as young as 7 can play, the adults will feel the challenge, too.

Why you might not buy Color Clash:

Because Color Clash depends on the ability to process information quickly, some people just won’t be as good at it as others. In all of the games I played, those losing had a good time, but that’s no guarantee that someone might walk away frustrated.

On a large table, the colors can occasionally be hard to distinguish. And the game would be impossible for someone who is colorblind.

Some people don’t like this style game. If you’re one of them, you probably won’t like this one, either.

My conclusions:

I love having a game I can pull off the shelf when I have a party with a lot of people or a family with mixed ages. Most strategy games have an upper limit of five or six players, and they often play best with four.

While Color Clash is no strategy game, it is a fantastic ice breaker for a good-sized group.

I also like the solitaire games, particularly because I am terrible at this game. My brain feels like it’s getting a workout every time I play.

I never win, but losing doesn’t feel very bad. The games are short, and the laughter is genuine.

Full disclosure: I received a copy of Color Clash from Blue Orange Games. I was not required to write a positive review. These are my honest opinions.