The Indianapolis Colts will be letting Peyton Manning go into free agency, instead of paying him a $28 million bonus, according to ‘anonymous sources’ and reported by ESPN today.

On the record, anyone that knows anything about the situation is very tight lipped.

Last summer Manning signed a five-year, $90 billion contract with the Colts and appeared proud to remain an Indianapolis Colt for his entire career. “I will not play for another team. My last down of football will be with the Colts, which means a great deal to me,” Manning said at the time.

But a damaged nerve in his neck kept him out of of the game all of last season. Manning had surgery, but it’s thought that the Colts weighed the risks and considered them too high to keep Manning.


ESPN is now confirming their earlier report that the Colts will cut Manning from the team. A formal announcement is expected from the team on Wednesday.