Consumer Reports: Household Items That Are Cheaper In March

Every single year, March is when home projects are started. With the month already upon us, it is time to think about what to do. Fortunately, this month is going to make it easier to start home projects as various household items become cheaper.

According to Consumer Reports, some items will be highly appreciated by savvy shoppers. Their recent report highlighted what homeowners want to take a closer look at since various discounts will appear during March. Consumers can consider starting new hobbies, make home improvements or simply indulge in something new. The money saved is expected to be invested in the kitchen, buying new accessories like woks or new knives, which have been becoming more and more popular.

If you are interested in high discounts on household items, these are the ones you want to buy in March as they will be a lot cheaper than expected.


Consumer Reports highlights that countertops are always sold at discounts during the month of March. This is because people start to invest in their homes and demand is much higher than in other times of the year. Those looking to remodel kitchens, laundry rooms or bathrooms can take advantage. Marble surfaces are particularly appreciated at the moment, being a big design trend for 2018. Alternatively, cosmetic updates on dated countertops are a possibility.

According to Tu Dinh Tran, CEO of Eat the Globe:

“The best countertops are those that are perfect for cooking, more than just look great. As people start to cook more and care more about food waste, they realize how important every single part of the kitchen is. This does include countertops as they have to be sturdy and useful, not just look in a certain way.”

Space Heaters

If you are interested in buying space heaters, the best season to do this is spring. The heaters are not going to be used for several months but the discounts present on the market at the moment are huge. Similarly how many US citizens buy Halloween costumes one year in advance, right after the current year’s celebrations are over, buying space heaters at a huge discount is an interesting idea for those that will need them during the following winter.

Digital Cameras

Although technically not household items, Consumer Reports does include digital cameras on their list of items to buy during March. That is because this is the month when brand new digital camera models are launched. Since stores have to make room for the new models, the past models are offered at a discount. This month will be perfect for all people that want to upgrade their digital equipment, with cameras being preferred over smartphones.

Boxed Chocolates

We are not talking about regular, cheap box chocolate here. What you want to look at is the expensive high-quality chocolate boxes that are normally too expensive to buy. Between Valentine’s Day and Easter prices go down due to a lack of demand. While chocolate is not something that can be stored for a long time, those that want to try something of a very high quality can do so. All the major brands are going to give consumers access to discounts until Easter.

You might also to consider some new chocolates that appear on the market during March. If close to Easter, Treat Kitchen launched a special Gin And Tonic flavored Easter Egg. Obviously, this is only for adults.


March is when home updates start and flooring is what you might want to change in 2018. Floor replacements are normally very expensive but most of the large retailers are expected to drop their prices. This includes the highly popular design option for 2018, cherry hardwood flooring.

If you are interested in remodeling your kitchen, keep in mind that this year’s trends are a mix of durability and practicality. The main styles to consider, according to, are farmhouse, rustic, contemporary and industrial.


Even if you did not consider remodeling this year, the discounts expected in March for the common household items mentioned above and many others have to be considered. Do look out for discounts being announced soon and set up alerts so you can be among the first to learn about them.

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