The head coach of the West Virginia Mountaineers, Bill Stewart, will have his stint at the club cut short after he decided to retire from his position following the scandal to hit the team.

This will pave way for the offensive coordinator and someone who has been the coach-in-waiting for some time, Dana Holgorsen, to take over the mantle from Stewart. It leaves Stewart a few months short of his tenure as the coach. His term was set to expire this year while Holgorsen was expected to take over from the next.

The issue was that Stewart was allegedly involved in the leaking of Holgorsen’s difficulties with casino security personnel to media. This ended up allowing Holgorsen to take up the job earlier than expected.

It now remains to be seen whether Jeff Casteel will take up the role of assistant given his on-field acumen. Not only that, Casteel has also displayed off-the-field knowledge and that would be a huge plus for the new coach. Given that Casteel is a former Stewart ally, things could further get complicated, but the buzz if that Casteel will take up the role.