Controversial Nap Nanny recall

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) announced some new specifics about the controversial voluntary Nap Nanny recall.

To bring you up to speed, the Nap Nanny is a cushy device sold as a sleep aid for infants.

The generation one nap nanny was a big success which spurred the release of the generation two nap nanny and the new “chill.”

The new voluntary recall is being taken up by four major retailers including,, Toys/Babies R Us, and Buy Buy Baby.

Complaints from the CPSC include a number of infant deaths due to potential improper use of the nap nanny in cribs as well as more instances of infants being found hanging out of the harness.

The seller of the nap nanny has posted a response to the latest CPSC voluntary recall where they vigorously defend their products and design.  To read it, head over to

Do you (or anyone you know) have a nap nanny?  And if so, have you (or they) had any problems with it?  Let us know in comments below.

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