Brian E. Dorian, in a photo released by the Will County Sheriff's Office.

Authorities have arrested a police officer in connection with a two state shooting spree. In the incident, which occurred Tuesday, one man died and three were wounded.

Brian E. Dorian of Crete, Illinois was arrested as a suspect in the shootings. He is an officer for the Lynwood Police Department. In a written release, the department said that Dorian has been on medical leave since October of last year. The medical leave was related to a shoulder injury he received while on duty.

A probable cause warrant is holding Dorian under a $2.5 million bail, according to the Will County Attorney’s Office.

Tuesday morning, at 10:30 a.m., the gunman shot two construction workers at a site near Beecher, Illinois. One of the men died, the other two were wounded, in the gunfire.

Around an hour later, the same gunman opened fire on a farmer in Lowell, Indiana. He shot farmer Keith Dahl in the shoulder, arm and elbow, and then robbed him. According to Dahl, the gunman came onto the farm and discussed bees, prior to opening fire.

It is believed that the gunman used a revolver, due to the lack of shell casings at either of the scenes.