Recently windows announced their new competitor for Google Now and Apple’s SIRI. She goes by the name of Cortana. Named after the beloved, sentient, artificial intelligence from the ragingly popular Halo franchise.

Which of the three options should you choose?

That depends on you and what you need it for.

Below is a brief comparison and description of each:

Google Now is more direct. Faster in many ways, but lacks heart and interactivity. The voice commands are limited as well. You can’t send messages, call people or play your music with it. At least not on the HTC Max One.

SIRI is the most well-known up to this point, but like many Apple products, is slower for ordinary tasks and more expensive. However it presents the information in a clear and concise way. If it can understand the information.

Different accents and pronunciation defeat SIRI. You have to speak slowly and enunciate very clearly. One downside is that the default navigation system is Apple Maps which historically has not been reliable.

Cortana is the newest and biggest unknown of the three. Cortana has more personality and interactivity, but uses Bing as its default search engine. Microsoft plans to ship Windows 9 with Cortana included, which could provide unprecedented mobile connection to your home PC.

Will Cortana achieve success only through fans of the franchise still recovering from her emotional death?

Or will it rise above and beyond its predecessors? Only time will tell.

Do you have Cortana, SIRI or Google Now? Do you have anything to add that could help your fellow consumer’s make a decision. If so please let us know.