Cotton Bowl Shakeup: LSU RB Ridley Possibly Ineligible

Running back Stevan Ridley has been caught cheating.  At least, that is what the current news and web feed is telling us.  Due to this severe, purported academic violation, he may be ineligible to participate in the upcoming Cotton Bowl against rival Texas A&M.

When asked, Coach Les Miles said that LSU would be appealing this ruling to the NCAA in the despirate hope that Ridley could possibly be reinstated before LSU is set to meet the Aggies on January 7 in Cowboy’s Stadium.  At this point it is unclear if this appeal has a chance, given the short timeframe and the intervening holidays between now and the scheduled Cotton Bowl.

Miles went on to say that, “this was a one-time incident,” but refused to release any specific details of the “incident.”  The case appears to be a rather cut-and-dry example of another student-athelete caught cheating or being helped unfairly.  It is this sort of violation that gives student-athealets a bad name and we can only hope that Ridley will be vindicated and that he will be able to rejoin the team before the all-important game on January 7.

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