The Cotton Bowl announced yesterday that Texas A&M accepted their invitation to play in the Cotton Bowl Classic. The Cotton Bowl is celebrating its 75th anniversary. The game will be played January 7th. The festivities officially start at 7 PM CST, in Arlington, Texas.

No. 18-ranked Texas A&M will face a team from the Southeastern Conference, which will be formally announced on Sunday, according to the AT&T Cotton Bowl’s website. “We couldn’t be more thrilled to have the Aggies back in the AT&T Cotton Bowl Classic,” said AT&T Cotton Bowl Classic Chairman Tommy Bain. Tickets are still available, according to the site.

Tickets may be part of the reason that Texas A&M was chosen to play in the Cotton Bowl, according to, who asks “Is it fair?” that the Missouri Tigers were skipped over for the pick. “It’s all about the business of business” writes Vahe Gregorian. If fairness was a factor “the facts that MU scorched A&M 30-9 in College Station and went 10-2 to A&M’s 9-3 might factor in,” he said, but  “A&M ticket sales are more of a sure thing, especially in economic climate that may limit ability to fly for fans.”

“Mizzou’s rep is that the fans don’t travel well,” said Bernie Miklasz in the same article. “These Bowl people want to make money. They want to sell tickets. If they have anxiety about Missouri’s fan base buying tickets, naturally they will want to take a look at an alternative team that might bring more fans to the party.”

Besides ticket sells and proximity, history may also play a part in the selection of Texas A&M. “The Aggies were here when we celebrated our 50th anniversary, and it was a game for the ages,” CBAA Team Selection Chairman Fin Ewing said. “The 75th AT&T Cotton Bowl is also setting up to be a Classic to remember.”

2011 AT&T Cotton Bowl Classic will be televised nationally by FOX on January 7th.