CPSC Issues Warning After Samsung Washers Explode

Samsung is in trouble again, and this time it is not smartphones that are exploding, but washing machines.

The CPSC has issued a warning after it was reported that a number of Samsung washing machines have exploded mid-cycle, causing significant damages and posing risks of injury.

The problem occurs when the washers are doing heavy loads. Some machines vibrate aggressively, causing the tub to become unfastened, which results in an explosion.

The defect can be found in certain models of top-load washing machines manufactured during the past five years.

To prevent this from happening, the CPSC and Samsung advise that when washing bulky or water-resistant materials or bedding, only the delicate cycle should be used. This will reduce the risk of an explosion.

Consumers with a Samsung washing machine are advised to check whether their model is affected. To do this, enter the serial number of your washer on this page. You can also call Samsung at 1-844-483-3881.

The CPCS and Samsung are actively and cooperatively working together to address these issues and will provide updates as soon as possible, according to a statement.