CraigslistAfter coming under fire recently for its adult services section, it appears Craigslist has taken action. Over the past few days the online classified site has replaced its adult services link with a bar labeled “censored.”

In late August, Attorney Generals from 17 states came together to write a letter to Craigslist, requesting they do away with their adult services section. The AG’s were concerned about links to prostitution, human trafficking and even assault on women.

Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal heads up the group.  He stated that this new step by the site is a good one, but there is more to be done.

Critics are complaining about the lack of information being offered by Craigslist regarding its intent. Craigslist has not issued a statement as to the motive of this move, or whether it will be a permanent change to the site.  There are those that believe the big censored bar is merely Craigslist way of saying they are having their first amendment rights trampled. Its been discovered that anyone outside the U.S. can still see the section normally.

A representative from Craigslist has said a statement will be issued later. In the past, Craigslist has said they are in full agreement with ending human trafficking, and that they would like to cooperate with authorities stop the misuse of their site for this purpose.

Craigslist has dealt with controversies about their adult sections for years. In 2008, they began charging a fee for posting an adult ad. In 2009 they began donating a portion of that money to charity, according to the company.

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