Creating Wonderful Scents In The Household

Creating Wonderful Scents In The Household

We all want to have a home that smells pleasant. If you have problems with smells in your home, it might be time to try out some different methods to make your home smell better.

Here are some different products you can try out to keep your home smelling great all the time.

Scented Oils (ZAQ Allay)

Using plug-in scented oils can provide you with a pleasant odor in the home for several hours. The oil diffuser will emit the oil periodically throughout the day.

For the diffuser to work correctly, it must be plugged in to the wall. The ZAQ Allay Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser is one of the top rated oil diffusers on Amazon and recommended by many.

Odor Eliminating Vacuum with Baking Soda (ARM & HAMMER)

To neutralize strong odors in the home, use baking soda. This will help capture smells like pet dander and urine.

Sprinkle some onto the carpet and allow it to sit for about twenty minutes before you vacuum it up.

Doing this can prevent strong odors from appearing for several days. Baking soda usually offers a fresh smell but doesn’t produce a strong smell like what you get from reed diffusers and candles.  ARM & HAMMER offers several different vacuum accessories, such as odor eliminating bags and filters.  All of these can help further the freshness of your room.

Candles (NEST fragrances)

If you want to have a scent that lasts longer than an hour, try burning or melting candles. Candle warmers can melt the candles from the bottom up, allowing the smell of the candle to be released for several hours.

The downside to candles and candle warmers is that they can be dangerous. If you don’t keep an eye on the open flame, or if you have it near flammable items, it can easily cause a fire. The candle warmers have been known to cause fires as well, and some that malfunction will break the glass of the candle jar.  If you would like safe candles that don’t melt from the bottom up, try NEST Fragrances, an Amazon favorite.

Reed Diffusers (Antica Farmacista)

If you want to have the ideal smell throughout the day without the need for fire or electricity, consider using reed diffusers.  These oil diffusers emit a strong scent throughout the day and night, and they can come in a variety of colors.

This makes the oils fun to use as decorative items in the home. The natural bamboo reeds are easy to use: you simply open the bottle cap and place the reeds inside the cap. The bamboo will absorb the oils and then release the smell throughout the room. They can last for several weeks, making them a cheaper option compared to the scented oils and candles.  Consider the brand Antica Farmacista, if you want to introduce pleasant scents into your home while still maintaining a luxurious aesthetic.

Photo Source: CC sodaniechea via Flickr

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