Crib Bumper Pads – Are They Safe?

Most crib sheet sets still come with matching bumper pads, which would suggest that these bumpers are safe for your infant.

But are they really?

Multiple studies have shown infant deaths directly related to bumper pads in cribs, with death by suffocation or strangulation being the most common.

A study from Washington University in St. Louis attributed 27 deaths from 1985 to 2005 to bumper pads. This number is not high enough to cause a ban on bumpers. As parents we have to make the call.

Are these often adorable accessories worth the risk? How many deaths does it take to raise the warning flag?

These issues currently must be addressed by the consumer. Some believe the risk is minimal and that bumpers protect an infant from other crib related injuries. Others warn against using them at all due to the risk of SIDS.

What are your thoughts on crib bumper pads. Should they still be a common accessory to your infants crib bedding sets?

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