Zenimax has revealed details about the new player-driven justice system to be implemented in Elder Scrolls Online.

You basically have two factions, Enforcers (the cops) and Outlaws (the crooks).

Players who choose to become Outlaws target NPCs for loot – pickpocketing, mugging or even murdering to do so.

Once these players obtain loot from their marks, they must then make a beeline for the nearest Outlaw’s Refuge to fence their ill-gotten goods.

More importantly though, doing so will allow them to escape from the Enforcers.

Players who choose to become Enforcers actively police their communities against Outlaws.

Enforcers that catch an Outlaw in the act will engage said Outlaw in PVP and must take him/her/it down before they escape to an Outlaw’s Refuge.

The Enforcer must then retrieve the loot and bring it to the Enforcer Tower in a classic case of the hunter becoming the hunted.

Zenimax has clarified that the justice system is still in development, and that it is tweaking a lot of things like stealth to accommodate the dynamics between Outlaws and Enforcers.

You can learn more about Elder Scrolls Online by checking out their homepage, ElderScrollsOnline.com.

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