Cyber Monday Sales Figures Coming In Strong

Sales estimates for Cyber Monday are beginning to roll in and, as predicted, it looks like it will be another record breaking year.

Despite the slow economy, IBM’s Benchmark unit is reporting that as of 12 noon today, EST, sales were up 20% from last year’s numbers. Sales through department store websites are up 39% from last year’s Cyber Monday.

John Squire, CSO of IBM Smarter Commerce, told Fox News today that the use of mobile devices in shopping is also on the increase. According to Squire, 14% to 15% of people are using their mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones, for shopping during this year’s Cyber Monday. People are also purchasing through their mobile devices, accounting for 8.5% of sales so far today. That’s up 260% from the number of purchases made through mobile devices last year. Paypal also mentioned the increase in mobile purchasing on their blog today, saying they saw a 514% increase in mobile payments over last year’s Cyber Monday, as of 2PM EST today.

Tomorrow we should have a lot more details about today’s sales number, but at this point, it looks like they will fall in line with expectations.

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