With electric and plug-in hybrid cars becoming more commonplace, Daimler and BMW are working to help them on their way to perfection.

Daimler and BMW are jointly developing and implementing a wireless charging technology they hope will become the industry standard.

The partners believe wireless charging of the battery will make the ownership of electric and plug-in hybrids easier and more appealing.

The system the two have designed uses a coil integrated into the under tray of the car and a second coil on a floor plate that can be placed on a garage floor. The electricity is transmitted contact-free without the need of a cable.

Mercedes-Benz will start fleet testing the system on the S 500 PLUG IN HYBRID soon, before it gets launched in September.

The S 500 PLUG IN HYBRID will boast 436 hp and 480 ft-lbs of torque, all while returning a fuel efficiency rating of 2.8 litres for 100 kilometres.

How do you feel about Daimler and BMW’s proposed wireless charging system? Will this partnership between two German luxury giants result in a workable solution for the whole industry?