In Daisy Goodwin’s just released novel, The Fortune Hunter, the Empress Sisi searches for happiness in her unexciting life. The novel relates the true story of the empress and her captain; her fight between her love of excitement and her responsibility to the court.

In the late nineteenth century, the Empress of Austria is a very powerful ruler. As a result, Sisi has everything she could ever want, except for happiness.

Her loyal husband, Franz Joseph, bores her, along with life in the Hapsburg Court. So she starts looking for a little excitement.

She ends up meeting and falling in love with Captain Bay Middleton, a dashing captain who excites her. Their reckless relationship is told within this story.

Goodwin’s excellent descriptions and imagery really contribute to setting the scene and showing the lives of the characters, exactly what someone looks for in a romance novel.

Daisy Goodwin’s first novel in 2010 was the successful My Last Duchess and this new work promises to be just as exciting as the first!

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