David Beckham’s site, davidbeckham.com, was hacked yesterday. The attack did not seem malicious, but was timed to coincide with the birth of David and Victoria’s daughter, Harper Seven.

Visitors to the site were confronted by an image of a dog trying to eat a dog-food poster, with the message “ScooterDAshooter = FAIL” overwritten on the picture. This is a worrying trend as a number of celebrity websites have been hacked recently, including Amy Winehouse and Ronaldinho. Earlier in the year, 50 actresses had nude photos and videos stolen from their cellphones and other computerized devices.

With an increase in the hacking of celebrity websites, security specialists are concerned that hackers will soon be using these to distribute malware to unsuspecting fans’ computers.

For those who own a personal website or blog, Chris Mitchell, a virus analyst at Sophos Labs recommends taking the following precautions against attacks. The first step is to only install necessary software components because the more components there are, the greater the risk of attack. The second step is to ensure that the latest security patches are installed for all applications, including the operating system. The final step is to have a reliable anti-virus program installed, and have automatic updates enabled.