What’s better than the classic DC Comics superheroes? The newly remade DC Comics superheroes. That’s right, DC Comics is updating all their superheroes and going digital.

In a move designed to put the comic book maker back in the number one spot, DC Comics announced that it is rejuvenating, redesigning, and renumbering their number one comics. Everyone from Superman to Wonder Woman is being giving new outfits, new looks, and a more humanized character. The real secrets of the changes, however, are being kept under wraps until the release of the “new” first edition.

The first of the new line comes out on August 31st with ‘The Justice League’ Issue No. 1. The comic reunites the stars of the Justice League – Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Aquaman, The Flash, and the Green Lantern. The new lineup will look at the characters in a younger light and put a light on interpersonal relationships. Fifty-one more first editions are slated for September.

In another bold move by DC Comics, the comic book maker is releasing digital first editions online via apps and its website on the very same day that they are released in print. The move is an attempt to regain the revenue lost in the decline of print sales.

As they make these bold moves, DC Comics hopes that the public’s love affair with these classic superheroes will be re-ignited and that their fan base will grow to include not only the classic print fans but also the new digital age generation.