With so many horror remakes in the works these days, it is hard to be  excited for any them.

However, one that was been getting a lot attention since the New York Comic Con is one that seemed unlikely to get the green light; but coming out next year is the remake to the cult classic from Sam Raimi, none other than”Evil Dead“.

Any fan to the 80’s classic would no doubt be skeptic about this remake, but this one seems to be getting a lot of buzz. The film is being produced by Sam Raimi  and has Bruce Campbell as the lead director.

Fans and moviegoers can good idea of what to expect from this new take  in the red band trailer to “Evil Dead” below.

Like any teaser, it is relatively short, however it makes up for capturing exactly what needs to be seen – lots of guts and horror. You’ve been warned – here’s the vid:


Evil Dead” will rise into theaters April 12, 2013.

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