Dead Island – Dead On Arrival? Review, Trailer & Gameplay Video

There are several different takes on the web of this first-person shooter type game embedded in a zombie apocalypse nightmare. The negatives mostly focus on the items that just aren’t working correctly, from slow motion action when it shouldn’t be, to timers on objects where there shouldn’t be and menus failing to disappear when they should. When the patch comes out, these will be history and only the positives will be left, making this game rise and shine above the competitors.

Dead Island Release Trailer

The positives to the game are the comparisons to Dead Rising with the equipment collection and building options, where the player character can put together items based on blueprints found throughout the game environment for odd weaponry not found in the local hardware store or gun shop. The game also borrows from the canon Left 4 Dead series in it’s intense first-person shooter action, but comparisons to Fallout 3 with zombies has been a better fit.

Where Dead Island separates itself from the pack is the role-playing game system allowing the player character to advance in levels, obtain skills and expertise as the game progresses. All the player characters have a special ability all their own on which to build, so the game can be played over and over again with the different characters for a different experience. Unique game playing in this highly stylized and well-designed world is another special feature – there is a plot and campaigns to run through, clues as the hacking and slashing to stay alive action progresses. Co-op play is optional with up to four players.

From the well executed environments to NPC design and RPG features, this is a different zombie game than the ones preceding it. The consensus gives the game high marks in all the reviews. Dead Island was released on September 6th, 2011 and can be purchased at multiple stores and online venues; MSRP is $59.99.

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