Carla Del Ponte the former Chief Prosecutor of two Hague International War Crime Tribunals, has urged NATO, the EU, and the International Community, to investigate and prosecute the members of the Albanian mafia that removed and sold organs of non Albanian prisoners during the Kosovo conflict of 1999 and afterwards.

This comes as political problem just before the negotiations are to be carried out between Serbia and Kosovo, in order to finally solve the problems and conflicts that have been technically ongoing for about 300 years.

Mrs. Del Ponte, often criticized by the Serbs for having prosecuted the war criminals on their side, has shown a great extent of moral and legal integrity. As a matter of fact she is the main advocate for the prosecution of the Kosovo war criminals which could bring some unease to former NATO functionaries, who have supported some of the KLA (Kosovo Liberation Army) members without knowing about their “side jobs,” which even though is not illegal is a huge political embarrassment for anyone involved.

In any case this should not stop or slow down the peace process between Serbia and Kosovo since a solution must be found in the shortest possible time span. However the Kosovo institutions must do a thorough cleansing of their government and military structures in order to prosecute the responsible ones, a job the Serbian authorities are bringing to an end with great success.

The Serbian authorities on the other side must be armed with patience and act in accordance with the international law, whatever the popular feeling in the country might be: “Swiss senator Dick Marty last week released a report on the alleged illicit trafficking of human organs by members of the KLA. The report to the Council of Europe suggested Kosovo’s Western-backed prime minister and former rebel commander Hashim Thaci was behind the grisly trade.” This caused an outcry in the Serbian public.

Boris Tadic, the president of Serbia, is ready to continue negotiating with the Prime Minister elect of Kosovo Hashim Tachi, even though he might be implicated in the affair. Actually the position of Serbia is very positive regarding the respect of the law, as president Tadic Said, he must keep his personal feelings for himself and as long as Mr. Thaci is the representative of the people of Kosovo and has not been convicted of any crime, he will negotiate.