A Kaijus from Pacific RimNext week, the big screen gets a little bigger with the sci-fi action film: Pacific Rim.

The latest from Guillermo Del Toro takes moviegoers back to the genre of monsters.

When a race known as the Kaijus siege Earth, mankind’s only chance of survival is to arm themselves with robots known as Jaegers.

The film promises to be a big time beat-em-up brawl… and hopefully it can deliver.

Warner Bros has released a featurette for those interested in taking a deeper look into this monster homage. It’s a chance to get a behind the scenes preview of the incredible artwork that will play such a huge role in this movie.

The featurette showcases these massive monsters and includes comments from director Guillermo del Toro, producers, and cast members.

It is a great featurette for anyone who loves monster movies – or if you are just looking forward to Pacific Rim.

A video of it is posted below. The potential blockbuster hits theaters July 12th.

Are you looking forward to Pacific Rim?

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