Devious Maids Recap – Episode 3 Full Of Sleazy Twists & Turns

Devious Maids Recap – Episode 3 Full Of Sleazy Twists & Turns

Marisol gets the scoop from ex-wife Olivia in the third episode of Lifetime’s Devious Maids.

The third episode of Lifetime’s Devious Maids begins in the supermarket, with the devious revelation that Taylor (Brianna Brown), the new wife of successful lawyer Michael (Brett Cullen), used to be a prostitute.

In this show’s signature polite-voiced-insult way, Michael’s previous wife, Olivia (Valerie Mahaffey) says she doesn’t apologize to whores, and she means that word literally, since men used to pay Taylor for sex.

We later find out that Adrian (Tom Irwin), who we knew was sleazy, pays women to meet his friends, and then gets them drunk and has the women bring the men upstairs and sleep with them, while Adrian watches from behind a one-way mirror. And his recently murdered maid, Flora, was one of the women he propositioned. Talk about sleazy.

And what’s worse is that his wife, Evelyn (Rebecca Wisocky) knows about it, but the couple has some sort of agreement. She calls it his “hobby” and when she asked him not to involve her friend, Maxwell (Stevie Ray Dallimore) in his “wanton carnality,” he said she doesn’t have a veto power over him.

Adrian realizes Evelyn has feelings for Maxwell, who is recently divorced, and we find out that the two of them had a past relationship until they both married their current (or recently ex) spouses. Adrian still does his usual scheme, despite his wife asking him not to, saying that hurting her is just a bonus.

Marisol (Ana Ortiz) is investigating Adrian and Evelyn to figure out what happened to Flora and prove her son’s innocence in the murder, so she discovers all these secrets.

Marisol isn’t the only one who found something new about her employers, though. Rosie (Dania Ramirez) in the last episode found out Peri (Mariana Klaveno) was cheating on her husband, Spence (Grant Show).

Rosie went to a lawyer to try to bring her son to America, but needed more money to do so, so she asked Peri for a loan. She thought he was blackmailing her, so she refused and yelled at her, when Spence walked in and asked what was going on.

Spence, who doesn’t know his wife is cheating, later gave Rosie the money, and apologized for Peri’s behavior. Rosie was so excited she hugged him, but as she did, her expression suddenly looked shocked.

Poor Rosie didn’t want him to have the wrong idea about giving her money, so she tried to pretend she had a boyfriend to show Spence that she wasn’t going to do anything in return for the money. He realized she was lying, since she used the gardener as her pretend boyfriend, who was 60 with a wife and kids.

Spence realized what happened, and apologized, saying how embarrassed he was. They laughed it off, and you could see that Rosie looked relieved, until in passing, Spence said that he never intended her to know how he felt about her. It was sweet in a he’s-still-married-even-though-his-wife-is-a-horrible-cheater kind of way.

Carmen (Roselyn Sanchez) also had a sad moment in this episode. After rejecting her friend, Sam (Wolé Parks) about a million times, because she didn’t want to be distracted from becoming a singer by a man and family life, it seemed like he still was never going to give up on her.

He even kept risking his job to help her impress the man at the record label company. The producer told her she had to lose her accent, and she said she would do whatever it takes to become successful. He took that to mean she would sleep her way to success, and he tried to take advantage of it.

It was unclear if they did sleep together, but it seemed to be implied because Sam, posing as hr chauffeur, drove them to the producer’s house on the way to lunch.

Sam later said that she was amazing and didn’t have to stoop to that level to become successful, but she said she didn’t care. He said in that case, she wasn’t the girl he thought she was, and that maybe it’s a good thing she didn’t want to go to dinner with him after all.

Carmen acted like she didn’t care, but cried as she practiced her American accent.

Even though Valentina (Edy Ganem) seemed to be starting a really cute romance with her employer’s son,  Remi (Drew Van Acker), her mother, Zoila (Judy Reyes), refused to allow it to happen. Valentina recruited Remi’s mother (Susan Lucci), whose character is funny, but acting is a bit cringe-worthy, to help her win him over.

This causes a fight between Zoila and Remi’s mother, Genevieve. It comes to light that Zoila used to be in love with Genevieve’s brother, but he left her for a rich girl, and because of this, she doesn’t want her daughter to feel the same pain.

But you have to wonder if Zoila still carries a torch for her old love, because he happened to call the house, and she invited him to come visit, to see his sister who misses him. But it was obvious who was missing whom.

What did you think of this week’s episode of Lifetime’s Devious Maids? Deviously delicious or disappointing?

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