Dieting? There’s A New App For That – Demo Video

SENSA, the natural weight loss diet system which requires users to sprinkle a product on their food before it is consumed, has created an iPhone application to help dieters stick to their sprinkling routine, as well as track their progress and weight loss goals.

The “SENSA Sprinkle Reminder App” is free, and features custom alerts where users can create a personalized reminder system to fit their dining and snacking schedule. EmotiDot personalities help remind users to continue sprinkling SENSA, as well as cheer them on with diet-encouraging messages. Users of this app will also be able to share their progress with their friends on Facebook.

“By the end of 2011 75% of Americans will own smart phones. This rapid growth in technology makes on-the-go support crucial to success with any weight loss program,” said Taryn Aronson, Director of Outreach of SENSA Products, LLC. “The new SENSA® Sprinkle Reminder App is the perfect tool that offers users the additional support needed to help them meet their weight-loss goals.”

The “SENSA Sprinkle Reminder App” can be downloaded for free at the iTune App Store.

Information about SENSA’s natural weight loss diet system is avaiable through their website:

A demo of SENSA’s diet reminder app, published by SENSA, can be watched in the video player below.

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