Dirty Dancing Remake: New Director Has Ties To Original

It’s “Nobody Puts Baby in A Corner” all over again as the who’s who of the film industry drum fingers and put heads together as they try to pull Dirty Dancing from the past without killing the movie altogether.

Lionsgate, the film house behind the movie, brought on board Kenny Ortega, popular for his directing skills on pieces such as Michael Jackson’s This Is It, and the High School Musicals.

Kenny Ortega was also the choreographer in the original Dirty Dancing. The 1987 Dirty Dancing joins the growing list of movie reboots in the works. Conan the Barbarian, Fright Night and Footloose are set to grace the big screen this year.

In this time and age, replacing the iconic Time of My Life song won’t be as difficult. The big question here is: Who will possibly fit into Patrick Swayze’s dancing shoes? In 1987, his role shot the movie to the skies; he set hearts ablaze with his moves and “Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner” attitude. There are several other not-so-easy roles to outfit as well.

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