Move over Netflix and Amazon Prime, Dish Network is getting into the Internet TV game by the end of this year.

Dish will be providing entertainment, sports and children’s programming by way of the Internet to customer’s game consoles, mobile devices and smart televisions.

The price of the service will be between $20 and $30 monthly, much less than their current satellite subscription packages, but it will have far fewer channels to choose from. The target customers are young adults with children wanting to avoid the $100 plus monthly rates for current cable or satellite services.

Dish has already secured a deal with Disney, which will provide them Disney, ABC and ESPN streaming programming.

The issue at hand is that technology hasn’t quite caught up with their plans.

“We have enough programming contracts to launch the service now,” said Dish Network Chairman Charlie Ergen. He added that it would take more time to create technology to insert targeted commercials on mobile devices and track viewing. “There’s a few things we have to invent that will take us some time, so we’re looking at something by the end of the year.”

Dish Network currently has over 14 million satellite subscribers and boasted earnings in excess of $175 million dollars in 2013, so their traditional service won’t be going anywhere for a while. Ergen said the foray into the new venture is a “bet on the future” in case there is a sudden turn in the market.

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