The next time you go to Disney, you may see something that you’ve never seen at Disney before. A Disney cast member with a hairy chin.

Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, who refers to their employees as ‘cast members,’ is changing a policy which has been in place since the original Disneyland opened in Anaheim, California, in 1955. The change will allow cast members to have beards.

The policy that forbade facial hair completely was altered in 2000 to allow for mustaches. Beginning February 3, 2012, other facial hair will also be allowed too… as long as it’s not longer than a quarter of an inch.

Of course, fake beards on characters such as (six of the) seven dwarfs have been allowed from the beginning. Not counting characters, Disney’s dress code remains fairly strict, not allowing visible tattoos, piercings (other than on female ears), or any unusual hairstyles or hair colors. The code even covers the allowed length of fingernails.

‘Soul patches’, a little patch of hair grown under the lower lip, will still be prohibited under the new policy.