Disneyland Measles Cases Rise: Parents Warned To Keep Babies Away

California has issued a warning for children under 12 months to stay away from Disneyland as confirmed measles cases continue to rise.

As of today, 79 confirmed cases of measles has been reported in California, and 52 of those have been linked to exposure at California’s Disneyland park, according to a statement made by the California Department of Public Health to the Los Angeles Times.

The California branch of the Center for Infectious Diseases has reportedly recommended that, for the time being, all children under the age of 12 months should  avoid going to Disneyland, located in Anaheim, California. Anyone who has not been vaccinated for measles is also at risk.

Although the majority of the cases were contracted by unvaccinated individuals, WIRED reports that at least six of the infected had received their measles-mumps-rubella vaccine.

According to the CDC website, “measles is a highly contagious respiratory disease caused by a virus. It spreads through the air through coughing and sneezing.”

The website goes on to say that the Disneyland measles situation is a “large, ongoing outbreak.”

This recent outbreak comes on the heels of the highest recorded number of measles cases in the US in over a decade. In 2014, the CDC recorded 644 cases of measles in 27 states.

At this time, we are waiting for statements from Disneyland and the California branch of the CDC. Updates will be posted as they arrive.

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